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About the server

LegionCraft is a 24/7 multiworld server. We host multiple worlds to give our players a dynamic Minecraft experience all within a single server. The server is run by a group of dedicated staff members who are here to make your game as enjoyable as possible, while coding our own unique features as well as helping you with any issues that may occur.

We want to bring players together with the most diverse and enjoyable experience that a Minecraft server can offer. So if you want to give us feedback on how we are doing, or give us some ideas for things that we can do to improve then please do so! You can put all of that onto our forums and staff will listen to you!


The Survival world is where the majority of the server is based, in this world are the player-built towns and shops. You can claim land for your town, invite residents, start a Nation, get a job and many other things! In this world, grief is not tolerated and chests are secure. Towny/being in a town is not necessary however due to grief not being allowed! Being in a town simply gives you extra features (such as private chat channels and the ability to disable mobs/pvp/firespread etc… in your land!).

Resource World

This world is entirely for the purpose of gathering materials for your Survival builds/shops etc… It will be reset once a fortnight so there will never be a shortage of the materials you need!


Here our players are free to use Creative mode and WorldEdit to their disposal. You are able to build massive castles here and really show off your skills. This world is grief protected by the use of creative plots!


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Editing the Wiki

Anyone can submit additions and changes to be made to the Wiki, simply follow the instructions on the editing page. Once your changes are in a pull request, a LegionCraft developer can approve them and they will be merged into the Wiki.